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Civil Lawsuit Combating Terrorism

Civil Lawsuit Combating Terrorism

Litigation to address government funded political cause terrorism.

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AUSTRALIA: mature female citizen globally seeking services of a legal team to sue three Australian governments and one political party and about fifty physicians and other government funded individuals. For further information and supporting evidence refer to her website www.OriginalTruthFairy.com contact Janette Gail Francis, email address janette@lavabit.com Civil lawsuit framed as a TERRORISM tort includes wilful acts of government documented conspiracy to commit multiple terrorist acts on proposed plaintiff between 1989 and 2022. Causing serious physical harm to proposed plaintiff for the government’s political or ideological causes. Proposed plaintiff’s physical harm has allegedly been caused by, but not limited to, illegally placed, active implantable communications devices perceptible in MRI scans. The illegal medical devices are in her head and spine and elsewhere, secretly inserted when she was pregnant in 1991 and on other dates from 1991 to 2002. Australia’s officials compound the damages by refusing to acknowledge the proposed plaintiff’s perpetual physical suffering; and refusing her access to lawful medical services by intermittent illegal imprisonment; and refusing her access to the lawyers and the court system to sue the government for their human rights crimes and other civil matters infringing Australian law. Thank you.



No person should be killed or maimed for having an opinion.

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